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The Last Stand 2 GAME

The Last Stand 2: controls + walkthrough

Game Controls

aim: mouse
shoot/select: lmb
movement: wasd
reload: r
change weapon: space
menu: esc

Game Walkthrough

The Last Stand 2 is the second game in this exciting and challenging online zombie game series. A fun and challenging multi dimensional survival shooter which is more than just shooting and surviving wave after wave. The graphics are great and the interface is well designed which adds to the overall appeal of the game. This is not a game for the novices what makes it an interesting challenge for the more seasoned online games. In order to finish this game you have to make use of your aim skills and tactical abilities because the zombies will just get harder and harder to finish off.

The game continues where the first Last Stand ended and the storyline has become more elaborate. The zombies are still trying to get you and the only way to escape is to get to Union City on time, meaning within forty. The mainland is being sealed off and the last available aircrafts and lifeboats are that final destination. As said before this zombie game is more than random shooting alone. There are multiple cities and you have to complete them in order to be able to advance to the next. How you pass those cities is up to you, but you have to do it efficiently in order to make it to Union City on time.

Every city has a map with different locations like a police station, gas station and multiple houses. After every zombie wave you get to view the map and select different locations to search. At these locations there is a chance that you will find survivors, weapons, supplies and traps. You can only search the buildings during the day so there is a limited window of opportunity, hence the hour system. During the day there are twelve hours which you can spend on searching buildings or repair you barricade. You can select multiple buildings and the amount of hours it takes to search them varies, depending on distance and size of the building. You can also spend hours on rebuilding the barricade which protects you during the action part of the game when you are shooting zombies. Traveling to new cities takes time so in every new city you will need a minimum number of supplies in order to advance to the next city or town. It is of the utmost importance that you find those supplies fast since you only have forty days to make it to your final destination.

The in-game action is basically you standing behind a barricade shooting off the zombies which come at you in large numbers. The barricade can be destroyed which will leave you closer to death so the main goal here is to not let the zombies get to the barricade. When they do, make sure they do not stay too long because they will damage your barricade and might even kill other survivors who are helping you shoot the zombies. So always try to kill off the fastest ones first. Timing is of the essence so don't forget to reload. Before every way you have the opportunity to setup zombie traps (if you found any during the day). Place these traps close to the barricades so they only kill zombies which you cannot shoot on time, otherwise the traps are activated to soon.

There are different types of guns like the 9mm fun, mp5 and rifle. Each of these guns have their own specific qualities so use them wisely. In the weapons menu click on the desired weapon and put them in the desired slot. You can also give the other survivors weapons. When you get the chainsaw make sure to make it your secondary weapon. It is your last chance for survival before a zombie finally snags you.

Last Stand 2 is such a balanced zombie game and a must-play for any zombie survival fan. Enjoy they wonderful graphics, the interesting cut scenes and storyline, and of course the bloody action which will keep you busy for a while. You just woke up in some random city, zombies are everywhere and you need to get to Union City on time. I know you can pull the trigger whenever needed, but can you make the right choices along the way? Find out in this epic zombie game!

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